Nina Uffelmann

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Nina is psychologist at OpenUp. She wants to provide you a safe and comfortable space to talk through her calm, warm and appreciative manner. Nina works mainly with methods of Acceptance Commitment Therapy – here the name says it all: learn to accept what you cannot change and act committed where you want to make a difference.

With Nina you first look at your problems or challenges together calmly. Nina will support you with the help of her curiosity to become clearer about your thoughts, feelings and needs. Then you will explore together (new) approaches and starting points for your problems and try them out.

To take care of my mental health myself, my most preferred method is surfing in the cold northsea to clear my head. Else I start my days mindfully, make space to connnect with family and friends, enjoy good food, and try to move my body in- or outdoors regulary.

Nina speaks German and English. She has a Master’s degree from Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M.

"Welcome, good to have you. On what would you like to focus today to take a small step in the right direction?"