Marcel von der Heide

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Marcel is a psychologist at OpenUp. During a session with him you will quickly notice how his authenticity and calmness will help you to open up.

Together with him you will feel empowered to solve the challenges in your life by yourself. To make that happen, he provides trust and and the deep belief that whatever you currently face is also a potential for you to get to know yourself better and to grow as a person.

To take care of his own mental-health he is following his passion and playing tennis. Once he starts playing, everything around him disappears and he submerges into the flow. As alternative to sports, he is currently learning to play piano which calms him down almost as much as a walk through the nature with his dog.

Marcel studied Health-& Sportpsychology in Heidelberg and Berlin and is currently studying to become a certified systemic coach and therapist.

He worked with a multitude of elite Athletes, e.g. for the German Bundesliga Club 1.FC Union Berlin and also as an independent coach for the German Tennis Association (DTB).

His experience as a psychologist will help you gain an understanding why things are the way they are and, at the same time, his background as a sports-coach will empower you to take action towards your goals.

Marcel speaks both German and English.

Marcel von der Heide
"Every journey begins with the first step"