Lavy van der Goot

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Lavy is a psychologist at OpenUp. She’s a great listener with genuine interest in others. With an empathetic and non-judgemental mindset, she can confront people by posing critical questions that help them in their development and towards reaching their goals.

In the past years she has guided over 1000 young professionals mainly focussing on their career, lifestyle, relationships with others and relationship with themselves. With her empathic way of work she creates an environment of mutual trust where everything can be said. This leads to clarity in the steps that need to be taken towards reaching your goals. Lavy helps you to keep (or get back) the control on your own life so that you can live up to your personal values.

To take care of her own mental health, she likes to spend as much time as possible in nature. Every morning Lavy starts the day with yoga and often she does a writing meditation. This helps her to check-in, reflect and set goals.

After finishing her masters degree in Social Psychology, Lavy started her career in the advertising industry. During these years she developed herself personally and professionally and gained a lot of insights. One of them was that she is more interested in the stories of people than the stories of brands. That is why she decided to follow an extra course and become a NOBCO-certified coach. In the past 5 years she has worked as a learning & development specialist with focus on facilitating, program development and coaching of young professionals and teams. In her work she uses insights of ACT, TA and positive psychology.

Lavy speaks Dutch and English.

"Think big, act small. What is the first step you can take today? I'm looking forward to guide you in this journey."